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Answers To Commonly Asked Questions

Want to improve customer engagement on your website?2024-05-15T21:01:56-07:00

Maintenance Press can integrate free live chat functionality with your WordPress website. This allows you to connect with website visitors in real time, answer questions, and boost conversion rates.

How long will a visitor be associated with my account?2023-01-14T12:02:08-07:00

After customers completes their free trial it may take them a few days to make their purchase. Bearing this in mind, we have a 90 days cookie policy.

How does your affiliate program work?2023-01-14T12:20:24-07:00

Once we approve your application, you will receive a unique affiliate link and access to our marketing kit. Simply place your links in your product reviews and on your website. Each time you refer a new customer who makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

Is cloudflare for WordPress compatible with Breeze caching plugin?2023-01-14T12:15:48-07:00

Yes, it is compatible with Breeze and most of the known plugins in the market. However, if you are already using the free Cloudflare CDN, you should deactivate proxy mode to disable it. If you are using any other CDN, you will need to deactivate it from Breeze settings.

It is not mandatory to deactivate any other security plugins. Cloudflare Enterprise intelligently identifies & blocks attackers and emerging threats at the edge before they reach your server. This allows you to deactivate related security plugins if you want to save some bandwidth and money per month.

Can I use a different CDN?2023-01-20T10:40:26-07:00

Of course you can use any CDN, we are all about choice. We can even help you setup the CDN of your choice or you can easily integrate with the optimized caching plugin.

Why should I use Cloudflare for WordPress for my small business site?2024-04-25T00:21:45-07:00

Cloudflare Enterprise for WordPress websites of all sizes, including yours! Not only does it cache and serve your content faster to improve your SEO and Google ranking, but it also seamlessly optimizes images, compresses files, and improves image performance for users on a mobile connection.

At the same time, hacker attacks are blocked by an intelligent firewall that updates itself to deal with the latest threats, and includes rulesets specifically for WordPress. Finally, DDoS attacks are mitigated within 3 seconds so your website will always be available.

I use free Cloudflare CDN, why should I pay for Enterprise CDN?2022-12-20T14:54:19-07:00

The free version of Cloudflare CDN is a good start. But if you have lots of content or competitors, or your application generates revenue, then Cloudflare Enterprise is the tool for you. Enterprise CDN caches your content as close as possible to your visitors, optimizes it on the fly and serves it on priority basis over all other Cloudflare traffic.

It also includes advanced security features that the free version does not, such as Web Application Firewall (WAF) advanced rules that block hackers and mitigate attacks before you even notice. There is also DDoS protection with priority, PCI compliance, free wildcard SSL, and more.

Is accessiBe GDPR & CCPA compliant?2022-11-21T21:33:01-07:00

Yes. accessiBe complies with all major data protection regulations, including GDPR and CCPA. Moreover, accessiBe does not collect any personal or identifiable data, only structure, and behavior.

Does accessiBe cover accessibility requirements?2022-11-21T21:32:46-07:00

Yes! accessiBe’s solutions cover the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) version 2.1 at the AA level success criteria. Each product aims to provide a different approach toward accessibility.

How is accessiBe different from accessibility plugins?2022-11-21T21:32:26-07:00

accessiBe is the only AI-powered solution-suite in the industry that offer multiple approaches for WCAG and ADA compliance. accessiBe provides your business an accessibility statement and certification of performance, and even a litigation support package.

Does accessiBe affect loading speed?2022-11-21T21:31:57-07:00

Absolutely not! accessiBe loads asynchronously with your website. Meaning, that the browser loads your website in parallel with accessiBe, and does not wait for it to load or process anything.

Does accessiBe comply with legislation?2022-11-21T21:31:31-07:00

Yes! accessiBe’s solutions provide WCAG and ADA compliance using multiple approaches depending on the chosen product. But not only that, accessiBe provides you with a Litigation Support Package in case you need to prove your ADA website compliance and guides you through the process.

Do I need a cookie policy on my website?2022-11-16T23:04:22-07:00

No, you do not need a cookie policy on your website. However, some laws such as the ePrivacy Directive and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) require websites to detail their use of cookies to users.

To comply with these laws, websites need to provide users with the following information:

  • What cookies the site uses
  • Why they use those cookies
  • Who provides the cookies (aka the cookie vendors)
  • How users can set their cookie preferences

This can be done by dedicating a section of your privacy policy to cookies, or by having a separate cookie policy.

Are cookies personal information under the CCPA?2022-11-16T23:02:50-07:00

Yes, cookies are personal information under the CCPA.

The CCPA classifies cookies as “unique identifiers.” They therefore fall under the CCPA definition of “personal information” because the data cookies collect can be used to recognize a consumer, or a device linked to a consumer.

Is There a Cookie Law in the US?2022-11-16T23:02:00-07:00

No, there is not a cookie law in the US. However, some states have laws that regulate cookie usage as it relates to their residents, like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Is There a Minimum Payout Threshold?2023-01-03T13:17:04-07:00

No, we payout each month for every lead that converted to a paying customer.

Can I use the affiliate program to refer myself?2023-01-14T12:19:42-07:00

Sorry, the affiliate program is only for paying customers you refer.

Does my website have a clear privacy policy?2024-05-15T21:01:07-07:00

Stay compliant with data privacy regulations with Maintenance Press. We’ll help you create a user-friendly privacy policy and manage cookie consent on your website, building user trust and peace of mind.

Concerned about website accessibility for all users?2024-05-15T21:00:23-07:00

Maintenance Press can help ensure your WordPress website meets ADA compliance standards. We’ll implement features like alt text descriptions and keyboard navigation, making your website inclusive for everyone.

Are you missing opportunities to connect with website users?2024-05-15T20:59:16-07:00

Maintenance Press can set up automated WordPress transactional emails to keep users informed. Get automatic order confirmations, password resets, and appointment reminders to streamline communication and build trust.

Tired of unreliable email with limited storage?2024-05-15T20:58:16-07:00

Upgrade your website’s professionalism with Rackspace Business Email. Maintenance Press can help you integrate secure, reliable email with increased storage and a branded domain address (e.g., [email protected]).

I don’t have time to keep my website content fresh. Can you help?2024-05-15T20:56:43-07:00

Absolutely! Maintenance Press offers professional WordPress content editing and update services. We’ll keep your website content current, engaging, and optimized for search engines, freeing up your valuable time.

What is security patching, and how often should I patch my website applications?2024-05-15T10:22:00-07:00

Security patching involves installing updates that fix vulnerabilities in your website’s software (e.g., plugins, themes, CMS). Regularly patching these applications is crucial for website security, as unpatched vulnerabilities can be exploited by attackers. Aim to patch your website applications as soon as updates become available.

What is an Intelligent Firewall (WAF), and how does it differ from a traditional firewall?2024-05-15T10:21:32-07:00

A traditional firewall focuses on blocking traffic based on pre-defined rules. An Intelligent Firewall (WAF) goes beyond basic rules, analyzing traffic patterns and content to identify and block sophisticated attacks like SQL injection and cross-site scripting attempts.

What is DDoS protection, and why is it important for my website?2024-05-15T10:21:02-07:00

DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks overwhelm your website with traffic, making it unavailable to legitimate users. DDoS protection helps mitigate these attacks by filtering malicious traffic and ensuring your website remains accessible.

What are isolated applications, and how do they benefit website security?2024-05-15T10:20:31-07:00

Isolated applications run in a separate environment from your main website files. This creates a barrier, preventing malware or vulnerabilities in one application from compromising your entire website and its data.

What is a dedicated firewall, and how does it differ from a standard firewall?2024-05-15T10:19:54-07:00

A dedicated firewall is a hardware appliance or software program solely focused on filtering incoming and outgoing network traffic. Unlike a standard firewall that might be part of your router or hosting plan, a dedicated firewall offers more granular control, advanced security features, and improved performance.

Are WordPress websites ada compliant?2023-04-21T11:09:58-07:00

Yes, you can make WordPress websites ADA-compliant by using special designs and following rules. This helps people with disabilities use the website too. You need to use themes, plugins, and content that are easy for everyone to use. You also need to check and update your website regularly to make sure it follows the latest rules for accessibility.

Do’s & Don’ts2023-01-03T13:22:11-07:00
  • Do Promote Maintenance Press on Social Media
  • Do Write About Maintenance Press on Blogs and Articles
  • Do Create Educational Maintenance Press Video Tutorials
  • Do Place Maintenance Press Logos & Banners on Websites
  • Do Send Your Affiliate Link to Email Subscribers
  • Don’t Use Your Affiliate Link on Coupon or Discount Websites
  • Don’t Falsely Advertise Maintenance Press in Any Manner
  • Don’t Modify Our Logos or Banners
  • Don’t Use Your Affiliate Link for Your Own Purchases
  • Don’t Offer Unofficial Discounts or Coupon Codes
  • Don’t Advertise Maintenance Press Through Pay-Per-Click Ads (Including: Search Engines, Social Media, Videos)
When Do I Get Paid?2023-01-03T13:19:06-07:00

We have a 30-day refund policy on our product. Following the clearance of the purchase, we will pay you within 30 days.

How Do I Get Paid?2023-01-03T13:18:42-07:00

Payments are processed automatically to your paypal account.

What is a GDPR privacy policy?2022-11-16T23:01:06-07:00

A GDPR privacy policy is a privacy policy that complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. The GDPR requires privacy policies to clearly explain how EEA visitors’ data is collected and processed.

A single privacy policy can be used to comply with both GDPR and other regulations that require privacy policies, like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Is it illegal to copy a privacy policy?2022-11-16T23:00:36-07:00

Yes, it is illegal to copy a privacy policy. Privacy policies are protected by copyright, so copying another website’s privacy policy puts your business at risk of legal penalties.

Your privacy policy should fit the unique needs of your website and comply with any applicable data privacy laws around the world.

What is SEO keyword tracking?2022-10-25T22:38:54-07:00

Keep track of how your website is ranking for specific keywords, how your ranking changes over time, find out who your competitors are, and how you stack up against them.

How do WordPress websites get hacked?2022-10-20T22:49:58-07:00

Malicious users and bots crawl the internet looking for outdated and vulnerable WordPress sites. If your website is not protected and if you do not follow WordPress security best practices, your website can become a victim of these malicious actors.

What is a WordPress maintenance service?2022-10-25T22:37:57-07:00

Maintenance Press is a comprehensive WordPress Maintenance service and Cloud Hosting solution that provides innovative features that support every aspect of your WordPress website.


What’s your refund policy?2022-10-25T22:35:44-07:00
  • Monthly plans can be canceled at any time, there is no refund for the remaining amount left in the current month.
  • Annual plans can be canceled at any time. Annual plans are refunded for the remaining balance of the annual plan year, less the remainder of the current month.
Do you offer white-label WordPress maintenance service?2024-05-15T20:38:42-07:00

Our white-label WordPress maintenance service is designed for any digital company that wants to offer website maintenance and cloud hosting packages to their clients without having to perform technical support themselves.

Can I change my plan after signup?2022-10-25T22:34:37-07:00

Yes, you can change your plan at any time. Simply send a request to [email protected] letting us know which plan you’d like to change to. Billing differences between plans will be reflected in your next billing cycle.

Do you offer discounts for managing more than one site?2022-10-20T15:07:15-07:00

Yes, we offer a discount for 4 sites or more.

Do you work with agencies?2022-10-25T22:36:24-07:00

Yes we love working with agencies and ensure your clients are as happy as ours.

By offering one of our Maintenance Press plans, you can provide amazing value to your clients with faster performing sites, easy migration, unrivaled security, rock solid support.

What’s the best way to contact you?2022-10-20T15:00:40-07:00

The best way to contact us is at [email protected]

What payment methods do you accept?2022-10-20T14:59:35-07:00

We accept Visa, MC, Discover, AMEX, Apple Pay, ACH Bank Transfer and business checks.

How does the free trial work?2023-06-26T12:10:16-07:00

The free trial is to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with the Maintenance Press cloud hosting capabilities. You’ll have a full 7 days so you and you team can take it for a spin.

This is how it works:

  1. Choose your plan
  2. Send us your WordPress login details using a secure form
  3. We’ll migrate a copy of your website to our cloud services
  4. We’ll send you a custom link you can use to preview your website on our could hosting.
  5. You’ll have a full 7 days to review before going live.

No risk, no obligation, and you can cancel anytime.

Does your migration include files outside of WordPress?2022-10-20T13:11:34-07:00

Yes, migration includes any files located in your root directory.

What is WordPress?2022-10-20T13:10:29-07:00

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) used to create websites.

Where is your team located?2022-12-01T11:07:55-07:00

Our office is located in Tucson, AZ and our team is comprised of remote workers at various locations across the USA.

What is Object Cache Pro?2022-10-20T22:52:12-07:00

Object Cache Pro is a business class Redis object cache backend for WordPress. Object caching involves storing database query results so that the next time a result is needed, it can be served from the cache without having to repeatedly query the database. This greatly improves the performance of a WordPress website and is included with all of our plans.

Why do you use Digital Ocean cloud hosting?2022-10-20T22:54:38-07:00

Digital Ocean’s utilized faster Intel CPUs and NVMe SSDs than other cloud providers.

These Intel Premium Droplets run on 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors (Cascade Lake architecture). The Intel Xeon processors are ‘disruptive by design’ and set new capabilities across compute, memory, security, and storage.

Digital OceanPremium Droplets have enhanced memory performance with 2933 MHz memory frequency, which significantly improves server-side cache workloads and in-memory databases. And as far as disk performance is concerned, these Premium Droplets use NVMe (Express) SSD’s that deliver notably faster performance than regular SSDs and much lower latency.

How often do I need to edit or update my privacy policy?2022-11-16T22:59:59-07:00

You need to review and update your privacy policy regularly. At a minimum, you should review your privacy policy at least once a year to make sure it reflects your current data processing activities.

Privacy policy reviews are also important when you’re launching a new or updated product or service, using data in a new way, or sharing data with a new partner or vendor.

Some privacy laws require updates after a specific period of time. For example, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) contains an explicit requirement that businesses subject to the law must update the information in their privacy policy or policies at least once every 12 months.

Do I need a privacy policy on my website?2022-11-16T22:57:58-07:00

Yes, you need a privacy policy on your website. If you collect personal information from users, many laws require you to include a privacy policy on your site that explains your data-handling practices.

Do all websites need a privacy policy?2022-11-16T22:57:15-07:00

No, not all websites need a privacy policy. A privacy policy is a document that explains how  websites collect, use, and share personally identifiable information (PII). Only websites that collect PII and are subject to certain privacy laws need a privacy policy.

PII is information that can be used by itself, or in conjunction with other data, to identify a person. If your website collects PII like any of the following, you may need a privacy policy:

  • Names
  • Social Security numbers
  • Physical addresses
  • Email addresses
  • Birthdays
  • Biometric information

If you collect PII, you should have a privacy policy to comply with different privacy laws of the world.

What are transactional emails for WordPress?2022-11-29T20:50:38-07:00

Transactional emails include emails sent from contact form notifiactions, shipping/sales confirmations, newsletters, marketing email sent from your website. If your like most users these messages tend to end up in spam folders or worse yet… display errors to the end user.

Maintenance Press works exclusively with Elastic Email for fast and reliable email delivery service for sending all your transactional emails. The external SMTP service provided by Elastic Email maximizes the deliverability of emails and ensures no errors or important messages going to your spam folders.

What is Malcare?2022-10-20T23:23:19-07:00

Malcare ensures that your WordPress website remains completely safe and secure. It blocks hackers & bots before they can harm your site.

What is Cloudflare Enterprise CDN?2023-05-01T13:49:13-07:00

Cloudflare is a global network designed to make everything you connect to the Internet secure, private, fast, and reliable. When Maintenance Press integrates Cloudflare Enterprise, your website gain access to 200+ unique locations for Global Content Delivery Network, an intelligent website firewall along with many performance and security features. See our Maintenance Press plans for additional details.

What is vulnerability monitoring?2022-10-20T23:30:36-07:00

We utilize the WPScan Vulnerability Database to get real time information about your WordPress website including plugins and themes that are vulnerable so our team can act accordingly.

These scans check for and alert or team of the following:

  • The version of WordPress installed and any associated vulnerabilities
  • What plugins are installed and any associated vulnerabilities
  • What themes are installed and any associated vulnerabilities
  • Username enumeration
  • Users with weak passwords via password brute forcing
  • Backed up and publicly accessible wp-config.php files
  • Database dumps that may be publicly accessible
  • If error logs are exposed by plugins
  • Media file enumeration
  • Vulnerable Timthumb files
  • If the WordPress readme file is present
  • If WP-Cron is enabled
  • If user registration is enabled
  • Full Path Disclose
  • Upload directory listing
  • And much more…
What are your support hours?2022-10-20T23:18:08-07:00

Our support hours are M-F from 8AM to 5PM Arizona time. We are available on weekends for critical issues by email to [email protected].

Can you help me fix a broken or hacked website?2024-05-15T20:41:30-07:00

Yes, we love to clean up and fix hacked websites. We can fix your hacked or malware-infected website and get you back on track. Just choose from one of our WordPress maintenance plans and we’ll get you back on track!

What information do you need to migrate my website to Maintenance Press?2022-10-25T22:28:32-07:00

Each website migration is unique, however most migrations can be completed simply with WordPress administrator and DNS (Registrar) logins. Once you choose a plan you will receive an email so that you can securely provide all the information needed to complete your migration and setup.

How long does it take to migrate my website to Maintenance Press?2022-10-25T22:28:03-07:00

Most migrations can be completed within 24 hours or less after we receive all required credentials.

What is a staging website?2022-10-20T23:14:27-07:00

A staging website is a clone of your existing site where we can test new features, updates and other items before moving the changes to your production “live” website. This ensures website stability for mission critical websites that depend on zero interruption to traffic.

Do you offer Email?2023-06-26T12:11:37-07:00

Yes! Our easy-to-use Rackspace Email for small businesses is an affordable, reliable and secure choice.

Access email anywhere, at any time, from practically any device while experiencing premium spam and anti-virus protection, and a strict ad-free policy.

Features include:

  • Email @ your domain
  • Huge 25 GB mailboxes
  • Webmail Access
  • Secure IMAP (for Outlook & Mobile)
  • Premium spam & virus protection
  • Unlimited aliases and group lists
  • Domain aliases
  • Email forwarding
  • Easily recover deleted email
  • 50 MB attachments

$0 setup fee for new mailboxes and $30 migration per mailbox from existing email.

For mailbox pricing see our WordPress Maintenance Plans.

What are NVMe SSD drives and why does it matter?2022-10-20T23:12:18-07:00

NVMe technology provides superior storage, superior speed and superior compatibility. Because NVMe utilizes PCIe sockets, it transfers 25x more data than the SATA equivalent. Along with more data, NVMe’s commands are 2x faster than that of AHCI drivers. In addition, NVMe input/output operations per second (IOPS) exceeds 1 million and is up to 900% faster compared to AHCI drives. NVMe also communicates directly with the system CPU giving it incredible speeds due to its compatibility.

How do I send website edits, updates and customizations?2024-05-15T20:44:05-07:00

Simply send your account manager your update details. Be sure to include all necessary (Files/Images/Content) via email or use our support portal.

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