Object Cache Pro for WordPress

Reliable & highly-optimized business class object cache

Utilizing Object Cache Pro provides amazing results in terms of performance and resource usage improvements across our WordPress installs. For a WordPress solutions provider Object Cache Pro is a win win.

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Object Cache Pro when  performance is key

Why we use Object Cache Pro for our Redis caching solution

Raw Performance

Object Cache Pro was written from the ground up with raw performance in mind to avoid unnecessary Redis reads and writes to keep a tiny memory footprint.

Continuously Tested

With 1500+ test cases and 100% coverage, each change to the codebase is tested against all supported PHP versions (7.2 – 8.1), as well as single instances and clusters of Redis 4.0 – 7.0.

WooCommerce Support

Object Cache Pro is extensively tested and optimized for WooCommerce. For your peace of mind, the’re also monitoring the WooCommerce codebase and upcoming releases for potential caching issues.

Seamlessly Integrated

Object Cache Pro integrates tightly with WordPress itself and the dashboard widget makes interactions easy. It’s Site Health integration, WP CLI commands, Query Monitor integration and Debug Bar panels provide a deep insight into your cache and it’s health.

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