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Cloudflare for WordPress2024-04-17T23:50:07-07:00

Cloudflare for WordPress

The #1 enterprise CDN for worry free mission critical websites

Using Cloudflare Enterprise CDN for WordPress can improve your site’s Core Web Vitals, protect it from DDoS attacks, malicious traffic, and provide HTTP3 support.

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Cloudflare for WordPress

We supercharge your website with Cloudflare Enterprise for WordPress

Utilizing Cloudflare Enterprise features greatly improves performance when compared to a free CDN. Additionally, the tiered cache can deliver content faster and reduce latency, loading time, and bandwidth costs globally via a reserved-for-enterprises network. Furthermore, advanced features like Brotli compression, Polish, and Mirage can reduce image size by 35% and improve user experience and loading time on all devices.

Priority DDoS protection

The Cloudflare Enterprise solution for WordPress uses 172 Tbps network and blocks 126 billion daily threats on average. Thier global network spans over 275 cities & 100 countries to stop attacks on the front lines.

Intelligent firewall (WAF)

A WAF or web application firewall helps protect web applications by filtering and monitoring HTTP traffic between a web application and the Internet. Protect your website by blocking bad actors.

Image optimization with Polish

Cloudflare for WordPress Polish is a one-click image optimization product that automatically optimizes images in your site. Polish strips metadata from images and reduces image size through compression to accelerate images.

Brotli compression

In addition to Cloudflare’s CDN caching static content and auto-minification of CSS, JS & HTML to speed up your site, Cloudflare also provides gzip and brotli compression to help site owners.

Mobile optimization with Mirage

Mirage was designed to make the loading of images faster by delivering smaller images for devices with smaller screens; and “lazy load” images only when they appear in the viewport.

PCI DSS compliance

Cloudflare is fully PCI and DSS compliant. This means your customers online transactions will be held to the highest level of security standards.

Reserved IPs & prioritized routing

Enterprise web assets are placed on DigialOcean dedicated IP ranges, providing prioritized routing and protection to ensure maximum speed and availability

What is Cloudflare Enterprise CDN for WordPress?

Cloudflare Enterprise CDN is a powerful service that helps websites load faster and stay safe. It’s like having a set of special tools that supercharge your website!

With Cloudflare Enterprise CDN, you can use “page rules” to customize how different parts of your website behave. For example, you can tell it to cache certain pages so they load really quickly, or block certain things from your website to keep it safe.

Cloudflare for WordPress FAQ

Can I use a different CDN?2023-01-20T10:40:26-07:00

Of course you can use any CDN, we are all about choice. We can even help you setup the CDN of your choice or you can easily integrate with the optimized caching plugin.

I use free Cloudflare CDN, why should I pay for Enterprise CDN?2022-12-20T14:54:19-07:00

The free version of Cloudflare CDN is a good start. But if you have lots of content or competitors, or your application generates revenue, then Cloudflare Enterprise is the tool for you. Enterprise CDN caches your content as close as possible to your visitors, optimizes it on the fly and serves it on priority basis over all other Cloudflare traffic.

It also includes advanced security features that the free version does not, such as Web Application Firewall (WAF) advanced rules that block hackers and mitigate attacks before you even notice. There is also DDoS protection with priority, PCI compliance, free wildcard SSL, and more.

Is cloudflare for WordPress compatible with Breeze caching plugin?2023-01-14T12:15:48-07:00

Yes, it is compatible with Breeze and most of the known plugins in the market. However, if you are already using the free Cloudflare CDN, you should deactivate proxy mode to disable it. If you are using any other CDN, you will need to deactivate it from Breeze settings.

It is not mandatory to deactivate any other security plugins. Cloudflare Enterprise intelligently identifies & blocks attackers and emerging threats at the edge before they reach your server. This allows you to deactivate related security plugins if you want to save some bandwidth and money per month.

Why should I use Cloudflare for WordPress for my small business site?2022-12-20T14:56:09-07:00

Cloudflare Enterprise for WordPress websites of all sizes, including yours! Not only does it cache and serve your content faster to improve your SEO and Google ranking, but it also seamlessly optimizes images, compresses files, and improves image performance for users on a mobile connection.

At the same time, hacker attacks are blocked by an intelligent firewall that updates itself to deal with the latest threats, and includes rulesets specifically for WordPress. Finally, DDoS attacks are mitigated within 3 seconds so your website will always be available.

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